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Japanese Candy Dagashi Box


  • Dagashi refers to cheap sweets and snacks. Dagashi are similar to American penny candy. The word “”dagashi”” comes from the Japanese words “”da”” (“”in vain”” or “”negligible””) and “”kashi”” (snacks).
  • The low price and fun packaging is designed to attract kids with small allowances, and “”dagashi”” came to be known as the little candy that kids can afford with pocket money.
  • Most Dagashi are packed in bright, childish packaging and sometimes come with a small toy or price. The toys are often small figures, and a common prize is a randomized prize that allows the owner to claim a second free snack. Dagashi was sold in shops specializing mainly in Dagashi called
  • “”

  • dagashiya””.
  • Box size: 201 ? 167 ? 102 (mm)
  • With AKIBA-KING sticker!
  • Japanese Candy Dagashi Box


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